The idea of creating a collection of interior design objects – seats and coffee tables – in which the intrinsic hardness of marble is mitigated by the sinuosity of the shape has led the Pedina-Torre family designed by Enzo Berti.

The elements remind the silhouette of the famous board game, with bases with tapered conical sections that emphasize the natural material, which can be selected from eight types in the catalogue.

The top is circular and features a special, embossed edge that is available in two sizes in the Torre table line and in three variations for Pedina.

It has a bevelled top, to ensure the best ergonomics also for sitting, and its rim can be made with a contrasting marble, for a beautiful decorative effect.



  • Bianco del Re
  • Bianco Carrara
  • Calacatta Carrara
  • Grigio St. Marie
  • Persian Grey
  • Nero Marquina
  • Verde Ming
  • Verde Imperiale