Sitting down is a natural gesture that Kreoo interprets in its personal way, through a collection of marble seats, expression of all the charm of this material.

Each model of the Kreoo marble seating collection is the story of a design path, that starts from a particular inspiration and reaches an unprecedented synthesis of art, design and furniture. Organic shapes that seem to arise directly from nature, as if they were sculpted by the action of flowing water and blowing wind, furnishing systems combining the lessons of the best design culture applied on the material itself with its primordial durability.

The selected range of marble options has physical features, shades and identifying veins, adding value and versatility to these seats, suitable for indoor and outdoor use: in hospitality environments, in spas, by the pool and in a multitude of other situations, including the ones where the customization is demanded to fulfill client’s demand.

Our marble seatings