NATURAL STONE: Uniqueness and authenticity
Marble, stone and granite have unique features, whose essence have been shaped over the millennia, thanks to a natural geological process. This uniqueness gives your living space an unmatched originality.

    1.1 Every single product is of natural origin, with different features from slab to slab, bringing unique, irreproducible and unpredictable features.
    1.2 The color and grain variation tolerances are very wide and not always strictly represented by the samples provided. Consequently, differences in tone and veins, between the samples and the actual supply are meant to be considered natural and intrinsic peculiarities of the product.
    1.3 Presence of micro-porosities, as well as that of natural cracks, are to be considered features of the product.
    1.4 Any porosity with a diameter greater than 1.5 / 2 mm may be grouted, if requested during the estimate phase.
    1.5 Before the packaging of any marble good, a set of photo of the products inspection will be shared and, once accepted, it will be impossible to take into consideration any modification and/or dispute and claim.
    2.1. The glossy and polished finish is provided with a very light bevel. The request for the absence of bevel must be expressly communicated into the order confirmation.
    2.2 Polished floors should preferably be ultimately polished on site, by a professional installer.
    2.3 In case of honed finish, please be aware this is achieved through a patented process that eliminates the weakest marble parts, and then the surface is properly brushed. In this way, marble gets an old-fashioned effect, with a wavy and matt surface that reproduces exactly the effect of a natural wearing effect of time, without losing its vibrant brightness. The particular manufacturing of these products can lead to some breaks or chips that cannot be contestable.
    2.4 Solid carving:
    2.4.1. Our products are obtained, through craftsmanship cut, from entire blocks of stone.
    2.4.2. Each single piece can present veins, differences in shades, mineral intrusions, depressions, grouting due to the natural characteristics of the marble. These features are confirmation of the use of natural material, therefore not a matter of claim.
    3.1. Being a natural material, the stone tends to absorb. The request of using a hydro / oil repellent treatment must be specifically demanded before the start of fabrication.
    3.2 In case of an anti-slip surface request, make sure this is expressly written into the bidding phase and order description. This treatment will make the surface rough and opaque.
    3.3 Size tolerance on sizes and thickness +/- 2 mm+/- 2 mm
    3.4 The thickness of all our inlays is 2 cm and it is achieved by a 1+1 solution: the pieces that compose the pattern, which are 1 cm thick, are glued on a slab, which is 1 cm thick too, in order to get a better endurance during the re-polishing on site and a longer durability.
    3.5 Crates must be stored in a roofed and covered place.
    4.1 Decormarmi: all prices and quantities will be verified during the development of the shop drawings.
    4.2 Kreoo: the collection is composed by a modular system, able to create infinite combinations. For this reason, tiles are provided in modules requiring to be adapted on site, by a professional installer. Any customized requests will be considered nonstandard and their price will be calculated separately.
    4.3 Prices DON’T include
    4.3.1. VAT and taxes;
    4.3.2 Transportation fee ;
    4.3.3 Installation ;
    4.3.4 Drain, syphons and/or any plumbing feature.
    5.1 The order is considered confirmed when the deposit payment is received.
    5.2 The offer, shop drawings and pictures will be additional confirmations to be processed at the moment of order confirmation.
    6.1. Package is performed in wood crates. The goods are properly fastened with plastic hooks and protected by layers of polystyrene on the inside.
    6.2. If fumigate crates are required, this has to be expressly indicated in the confirmation of the order.
    6.3. Our crates must not be overlapped and no transfers should be done.
    6.4. Package fee is included into our sales prices.
    7.1 Shipment is not included into our pricing. It’s always possible to demand for a price to our customer service, during the whole process.
    7.2 In the event of a request for transport, the cost of the transportation fee will be charged accordingly. ATTENTION: our standard procedure is EXW (ex-works).
    Additional notes:
    7.2.2 The goods will be delivered as a standard curbside delivery (no inside delivery).
    7.2.3 Please indicate if the receiver will be equipped with forklift or if Decormarmi has to provide lift gate, at the moment of the final delivery.
    7.2.4 Date and time arrival arrangements will be agreed by the final receiver and transportation company directly.
    7.2.5 Damages caused by improper unloading procedures cannot be contestable and imputable to Decormarmi.
    7.2.6 The pickup of inspected orders cannot be longer than 4 weeks by the moment of order readiness. After that date Decormarmi cannot guarantee material integrity and will charge for storage fees.
    8.1 The start of fabrication will begin at the moment of order confirmation and the reception of the deposit payment.
    8.2 In case the client will decide to withdraw from the purchase contract, having already made the payment of the deposit, this communication will take place within 5 working days in writing from client’s end. Part of the costs incurred for the start of production of the material will be retained by Decormarmi.
    Installation cost and service are excluded. Decormarmi will not accept liability nor reimbursement of damages related to improper installation or wrong storage, preparation of the backing, nor any installation procedures out of strict Decormarmi’ scope.
  10. CLAIMS
    Any claim should be submitted by 8 days from the moment of goods reception, sharing full photo set showing crates at the moment of their arrival and/or during their opening. Every damaged good must be photographed inside its original crate.
    All Decormarmi products are crafted using natural materials. Over time, these materials will be impacted by and adjust to their environment. These changes are considered as expected and normal results of the nature of each material and are not defects. Decormarmi is not liable for reasonable wear of natural materials. Extraordinary wear claims may be submitted to Decormarmi for replacement within six months of delivery, subject to the discretion of Decormarmi team.
    Before proceeding to fabrication, shop drawing release and confirmation are needed.
    12.1 The service of shop drawing release is completely free during the first (3) three reviews of the plans /drawings of the project’s scope.
    12.2 Should more revisions be required, Decormarmi will apply an additional cost related to any further necessary revision time by time.
    13.1 Every order containing less than 30 m2 of covering will be entirely photographed and subject to a normal confirmation process.
    13.2 In case the quantity is above 30 m2 Decormarmi will be photographing 20% surface of the order’ scope, representative of the overall quality.
    13.3. In case the quantity is above 30 m2 and the client needs the full inspection of the surface, the cost of the full inspection will be charged to the client.
    14.1 Kreoo products are handcrafted pieces result of an artisanal process, made using solid larch wood; any split or fissure of the wood has to be considered an added value and not a defect, since this is natural material, therefore subject to weather and environmental conditions.
    14.2 In case of an outdoor application of Kreoo wood products, Kreoo recommends a 6 months maintenance and care and an adequate covering cap during the coldest time of the year and roofed to protect the goods from solar rays.
    14.3 Brass inlays require a continuous care and maintenance with adequate products, avoiding the marble parts adjacent to the metal inserts.

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