Kreoo’s range of marble accessories is enriched with Princess, a line of marble vases ideal to embellish indoor and outdoor spaces. Offered in three dimensions and with a circular profile, they are characterized by soft lines that defines the concave outer surfaces: elegant craftsmanship combined with minimal thickness emphasizes the veins of the natural stone, which can be selected among Calacatta Carrara, Artik Green, Travertino Paglierino, Rosso Lepanto, and various types of Onyx. Whether used to create a composition with the three available variants or individually placed in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces, the vases feature a small recess at the base, creating a refined interplay of light and shadow.


  • Calacatta Carrara
  • Artik Green
  • Travertino Paglierino
  • Onice Verde
  • Onice Ambra
  • Onice Rosso