A cylinder carved from a single block of marble offers a continuous surface to be shaped with intricate patterns, sometimes delicate, sometimes broader, at different depths. This is Mercy, Kreoo’s sculptural freestanding sink that celebrates the vocation of natural stone, a living material in which to carve stories and languages to be passed down, precious and eternal. Here, leaves, curls, elegant fan-shaped forms, and themes inspired by vegetation follow one another in the decorative development curated by Christophe Pillet, who imagines a unique interweaving of shapes, echoing classical culture at times and the memory of distant territories at others. The result is an evolving work of art, the product of complex processing between technology and craftsmanship. The chiselled portion is topped with a matte-finished ring, which continues inside with a concave and soft shape, while a flush drain is carved into the marble. Emperador Light, Olive Grey, Bianco Carrara, and Bianco del Re are the four material options available to customize the collection, envisioned to become the centrepiece of a bathroom environment in high-end residential or hospitality projects.


  • Emperador Light
  • Bianco Perla
  • Crema Marfil