Shades of light

Italian and international architects and experts, together with journalists and art connoisseurs were the guests of the opening night of the exhibition “Oltre L’Esperienza – Beyond Experience”, organized by Kreoo in collaboration with architect Enzo Berti and the brand Memmo, on the occasion of The Venice Glass Week (September 4th-12th).

In the area of industrial archaeology of SpazioThetis, located in the Arsenale, the new Aurora collection made its debut, “shapes of light” that harmonize onyx and Murano glass, thanks to an expert handcrafting.

Matteo De Bartolomeis, managing editor of IFDM, describes the collection: “Two worlds – marble and Murano glass – that had never met like this before. The light, which comes from the very focal point of the two materials, creates a delicate effect, that gradually evolves as darkness falls and which, finally plunged into obscurity, especially for the floor version, gives the final effect, the most powerful and refined one”.