Pavè Log

Pavé Stones, Pavé Log and Pavé Drink are the three versions of the collection of seats and coffee tables for indoors and outdoors designed by Enzo Berti and inspired by the action that the running
water produces over time on the stones, smoothing them.

The marble, which can be selected from the ten types in the catalogue, is shaped like a pebble, skilfully modelled through the use of industrial and artisanal processes, and is combined with wood, also treated, with soft profiles and oval shapes.

Pavè Stone is the result of the combination of two elements, one in natural stone and one in white or aged larch wood, or lacquered in customizable colours, joined together by a metal fixing
element; in Pavè Drink, instead, the ‘pebble’ acts as a base into which a metal tube is inserted, supporting a circular top to create a small coffee table.

Finally, Pavè Log is a bench, made of wood that can also be covered with natural leather, available in three different sizes and ideal for furnishing a lounge area or a museum.



  • Larice Bianco
  • Larice Invecchiato
  • Verniciato Lucido
  • Cuoio Naturale