Wish, designed by the French designer, Christophe Pillet is an exemplary collection of Kreoo’s know-how in marble processing and its integration of industrial techniques and artisan care. The collection consists of two vases, both slender in stature standing at about 120 cm high. The contemporary sculptures are available in various types of marble decor in tones of white, gray and brown. It is a geometric and precise mix, a result of the water jet technique with matte finishing. Ancient techniques of workmanship of the tessera and their consequent positioning on the external round surface create incredible texture. Geometric elements at the base create an elegant optical effect enriched by marble veinings. Conversely, soft braiding traces thin spirals in a contemporary design and unedited chromatic palette. These art pieces are dedicated to indoor and outdoor, residential, hospitality and retail spaces.


  • Calacatta Carrara
  • Bianco Carrara
  • Nero Marquina
  • Grigio Billiemi
  • Gris Cevenol