The new “Bubbles” washbasin, designed by Marco Piva for Kreoo, highlights the sinuosity and dynamism that can be acheived with marble and stone.

Both the shape and name were inspired by the light and pleasing visual of soap bubbles floating in the air.

The metal insert, a refined detail, functions both as an element of differentiation and continuity. This design feature also allows for more efficient production, as the piece can be carved from smaller blocks of stone, reducing material waste.

This modular production opens new creative avenues. Different marble colors and textures can be combined in one piece, creating intriguing juxtapositions in the overlap of shapes and materials.

This whasbasin has been designed as both a vanity–supported vessel sink, and a free–standing version.



  • Bianco del Re
  • Calacatta Carrara
  • Calacatta Classico
  • Grigio St. Marie
  • Nero Marquina
  • Nero Portoro
  • Persian Grey
  • Verde Imperiale
  • Verde Ming
  • Onice Bianco


  • Ottone oro