A sculptural, elegant, clean shape. Tao free–standing washbasin, designed for Kreoo by Marco Piva, expresses the strength running through matter.

A strong, graphic design, which reflects marble’s intrinsic dynamism.

Metal inserts emphasize the washbasins’ sculptural shape along its entire length and diameter, framing in an the exquisite and unique geometries of the natural material.

Tao’s essential design draws upon the “Yin and Yang” Taoist philosophy, involving the juxtaposition of bright and dark, full and empty spaces, lightness and heaviness, light and shadow, opposites that meet in harmony. Conceived as free–standing, Tao is also available as countertop washbasin.



  • Bianco del Re
  • Calacatta Carrara
  • Calacatta Classico
  • Grigio St. Marie
  • Nero Marquina
  • Nero Portoro
  • Onice Bianco
  • Persian Grey
  • Verde Imperiale
  • Verde Ming


  • Ottone oro