Folium is the first decoration of the SIGNUM collection, which reinterprets the use of travertine in the interior design world in a graphic key, in all its different shades.
A new dimension of use for this natural stone, used since the time of the ancient Romans, played on the elegance and sobriety of the material, expressing a balanced concept of ancient and natural luxury at both sight and touch.
Pure engravings on the material, organic signs that enhance the language harmony, for a new declination of a de-structured and perfectly balanced texture.

In Folium, the organic detail of the plant’s world shapes the stone and becomes a decorative element.
Through the engraving, the architectural elements that make up the structure and the rib of the leaves are enhanced and imprinted: pure, stylized, non-invasive signs that dialogue with the texture and natural colors of travertine.

The composition, in the material-color combination, gives energy throughout the space, in a dynamism of signs dictated by the nature.