Kreoo bathroom project is a universe of tactile, aesthetic and color sensationsthat express themselves in new shapes, facets and details. The mood, highlymateric, is giving a seductive impact that recalls the renovated relation betweennature and beauty. Artisan craftsmanship and updated techniques give life to designand art objects that do sparkle in their natural beauty.

Two bathtubs, 20 typology ofcountertop or free–standing washbasins, easels and trays, more than 30 differentmarbles on catalogue: a complete project that offers the suitable instruments to reacha high level of personalization, to meet desires and exigencies of any kind of customer.

With its collections, Kreoo draw together the functional part of the bathroomwith the emotional one, creating the bases of a physical, mental but alsoemotional health.

Our marble products for your bathroom