Marble: a millenary material in art and architecture turned into protagonist of contemporary design.
An original concept coming to life with Kreoo.

By name inspiration from classical Greece, an eternal culture model for beauty and harmony, Kreoo was born in 2010 from the experience of Decormarmi, a remarkable reality in the Italian marble panorama, as the ultimate development of a talent that has always distinguished the company: the ability to cooperate with designers and architects, in a synthesis of craftsmanship and design culture, oriented to select the most suitable marbles for each project, both from the point of view of the technical features and the chromatic range.

From this, Kreoo proposes the most diverse products for indoor and outdoor spaces: from the bathroom to the living room, from the floors to the wall coverings, with a brand that responds to the need of design studios and contract professionals. Flexible systems and statement pieces, true icons of contemporary design, such as the Gong washbasin, a pure form carved in marble; the Kora basin, an ellipsoid marble tub floating on a metal structure; the Pave Stone seats for interiors and exteriors, with a marble base and lamellar larch shell; the Arcaico table, with a marble or wood top, available in big sizing too, cantilevered on cylindrical columns.

In Kreoo, the powerful expression and the infinite nuances of stone meet the material feelings of glass, wood, metal and other materials, generating a fascinating formal language of colors, in balance between timeless memories and contemporary lifestyle.

With Kreoo, the core values distinguishing Decormarmi as quality excellence, artisanship and customization skills are fundamental features in interpreting a traditional material such as marble in a total new way, with the creativity and inter-disciplinary skills, typical of the best Made in Italy.

The design team of Kreoo has cooperated with some of the most important Italian and international designers such as Enzo Berti, Marco Piva, Matteo Nunziati, Sebastiano Zilio, Christophe Pillet and Alberto Apostoli: a unique collection for technical and formal qualities, successfully distributed internationally and welcomed by the most prestigious showrooms worldwide.


Kreoo bathroom project is a universe of tactile, aesthetic and color sensations that express themselves in new shapes, facets and details.

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Functional, long–lasting, innovative and elegant furnitures, the elements in Kreoo’s living collection, often inspired by the shape and movement of nature.

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Kreoo presents different types of floor and wall coverings, a universe of drawings, stone materials, colors and finishes

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